God bless Donald Trump.


Trump is not the problem.

Okay, so it looks like this Russia stuff might be the straw that breaks the back of this administration. If not for the initial infraction – most likely for the cover-ups they are spinning. So – it seems to me in all likelihood Trump will not be finishing out his first term. I could be wrong – it does seem like nothing really matters anymore – but the political system doesn’t cotton to outsiders very well and eventually spits them out.

And therein lies the real dilemma. Trump is not the problem – he is a symptom. Now, a lot of the holier than thou left wing liberals are pushing around the idea that he is the manifestation of the low educated racists elements of the country – and true these types have gravitated toward him – but that is way too simplistic a diagnosis. It is an analysis that allows these same liberals to avoid any responsibility for his election and it was, in my opinion, these very same elitist libs who got Trump elected in the first place.

What was his appeal to the voters in the flyover states? Simple – he is a Washington outsider. So much of the country has felt that the deck is stacked against them for so long that anything – even a crude, misogynistic, race baiting semi-literate buffoon was a better option than more of the same. These folks are right – the deck is stacked against them – in the decimation of union jobs – in outsourcing – in the redistribution of wealth upwards and upwards and upwards – in campaign finance laws that give money the rights (but not the responsibilities) of a person – in the most expensive healthcare system on the planet – the list goes on and on.

The Democratic party lost all credibility in these voters’ eyes when the Wall Street oligarchs responsible for the financial meltdown of 2008 walked away not only Scott free – but with OUR money. Add to that the fact that The Dems nominee was seen (legitimately I believe) as in bed with these crooks and you have a recipe for the disaster that followed. Andrew Kaufman summarizes it nicely here.

Was there Russian interference – sure there was – but the election should never have been close enough that it would matter. Election meddling is a fact of life. Hell, the US is one of the greatest practitioners of it across the globe. Get used to it – put up a candidate who is so distinguishable from their opponent that a quarter percentage point will not matter.

So – what are the chances that the Democratic party will have learned a lesson from this? I predict – none. The upper crust lib has benefitted far too much from the status quo. They are out to protect their own pile of cheese crackers and wine. Why do you think the DNC were so hell-bent on making sure Bernie Sanders didn’t get the nomination – even when every poll showed him beating Trump easily?

Removing Trump from office is not the answer to all our problems. It’s like taking an aspirin for an aneurism.

Do I think we’d have been better off with a Clinton presidency – of course we would in smaller ways – but the biggest issues would still have been ignored. I am starting to wonder if Susan Sarandon was right – that we needed this wake up call of electing a completely unqualified and dangerous person to the presidency to take a look at what was really going on. Unfortunately – I am also pretty sure that her theory is too optimistic.

The ruling class has no fear of the masses. Look at the healthcare bill that is being pushed through right now – virtually nobody supports it but its passing or failure is at a razor’s edge margin – if only 17% of the population supports this train wreck of a bill how is it even close? Because it benefits .5% of the wealthiest – plain and simple it is a wealthcare bill. THIS is the reason Trump is president. There is no representation for the majority of folks in this country and the disenfranchised and disgusted just wanted a change. Just wanted to send a message. Just wanted to be heard.

Too bad nobody is listening they’re too busy playing gotcha with Russian nesting dolls.